Verification of conformity with contract, regulatory and legislative standards

of global strategy:

25-30 days

  • Establishment of standards for essential risk identification (for example, introducing the notion of essential risk, determination of permissible limits and revealing a tendency to risks)
  • Development of a reliable mechanism to identify and assess risks (integrated risk inventory, threat assessment map, and risk measurement methodology)
  • Formation of practical perspectives for the applicability of laws, rules, and regulations for all enterprises, processes, and ways of their implementation in the operating environment
  • Development and implementation of standards aimed at developing an effective regulation process
  • Participation in the development of internal documents aimed at compliance with corporate behavior rules and professional ethics standards
  • Participation in the development of internal documents aimed at combating commercial bribery and corruption
compliance audit:

10-15 days

  • Identification of the threats of damages due to non-compliance with the legislation, internal regulations, and requirements of supervisory authorities (compliance risk)
  • Quantitative assessment of the likelihood of occurrence and possible consequences
  • Monitoring of possible risks, including analysis of new products and methods of their implementation
  • Monitoring of risk management efficiency
  • dentification of conflicts of interest in the activities of an organization and its employees
  • Participation in interaction between an organization and supervisory authorities, autonomous organizations, associations and market participants
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