Due Diligence

complex inspection of the investment object

Due Diligence:

A superficial due diligence, which is normally

  • The validity of the enterprise establishment by analyzing the incorporation and registration documents;
  • The existence of the real estate and land entitlement documents;
  • The competence of the signatory to purchase and sales transactions;
  • Basic information about maintenance of tax and accounting reports.
Due Diligence:

performed within 10-14 business days

  • Pending lawsuits, mortgages, liens or seizure of the enterprise's property;
  • Documents relating to the labour relationships with the employees;
  • Receivables and payables, and the main contractual relationships.
Due Diligence:

performed within 15-20 business days

  • The comprehensive investigation of the legal rights to land plots, and risks relating to the concluded contracts;
  • An examination of all antimonopoly risks in the case of a potential acquisition of the enterprise;
  • The examination of all existing contractual relationships, including those which were terminated less than 3 years ago;
  • Checking for the existence of the authorization documents;
  • The comprehensive examination of the maintenance of available tax and accounting reports, the accuracy of accounting records maintenance, tax audit, and accuracy of rent payment.