Services for banks and financial institutions

Audit and solution development for potential and detected threats

Protection from the external threats:

  • Informational threats: Wars, viruses, and grape-vines, manipulation of the corporate information;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Industrial and/or corporate espionage, unfair competition;
  • Unlawful use of insider information that can harm your business;
  • Corporate raiding and other criminal situations aiming at the acquisition of or the destruction of your business.

Protection from the internal threats:

  • White-collar crimes, corporate fraud;
  • Personal data breaches;
  • Professional examination of both new and existing personnel;
  • Protection of the company’s secret data, and intellectual property.
Full-scope audit of your partners,
private and legal persons in Ukraine and abroad
  • Political activity of the individual.
  • Analysis of the business’ reputation
Legal entities
  • Conclusions. Assessment of the business’ reputation.