Interest Lobby

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine dynamic development of a company without lobbying, i.e., defending its business interests, as well as creating new opportunities at the state level. The goal of lobbying is quite simple: drawing of government's attention to creating a favorable business environment.

Absolution has got successful experience in lobbying and defending special interests of third-parties at the highest government level.

Our Services:
  • Consulting, elaborating of cooperation plan;

  • Representation of your interests in legislative, executive, judicial and monitoring bodies;

  • Competent conduct of negotiations with public authorities;

  • Acquisition of necessary information;

  • Current situation monitoring, informing about active legislation updates, as well as updated instructions, orders and acts issued by public authorities;

  • Preparing necessary documentation;

  • Aggregation of information, public opinion research, opinion polling and surveys, including for the purposes of further impact on various public authorities;

  • Monitoring of fulfillment of reached agreements.

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