Identification, analysis and resolution of the situations, connected with commercial, financial, and legal matters containing considerable economic risks.

For small and medium-sized businesses

Comprehensive analysis of business environment and partners, also assist in identifying of corporate raiding and possible leaks.

Business standartization and forming relations with public auhtorities.

  • Security system audit (fraud detection on the part of the staff members)
  • Collection, processing and analysis of information on possible threat to organization functioning
  • Protection of shareholders/founders in corporate disputes
  • Protection of intellectual rights
  • Verification and analysis of suppliers, clients and counterparties operations/ fraud protection
  • Anti-corruption measures
  • «Anti-greenmail»
  • Defense against corporate raiding and other situations seeking to takeover and destruction of your business
  • Suggestions for removal of identified threats
  • Development of corporate standard of security management
For business owners

Evaluation of partners' reliability and support of investment transactions. Protection against bad publicity and generating positive public image.

  • Search for debtors’ assets
  • Comprehensive review of individuals and entities, risk analysis
  • Support of investment transactions
  • Company’s classified information and intellectual property protection
  • Associates’ business intelligence (peer review, tracking the links, economic status valuation) matchmaking through stated parameters
  • Financial investigation
  • Protection against corruption
  • «Anti-greenmail»
  • Image PR/negative ads, manipulation of company information