Troubleshooting Services

Troubleshooting services are to be applied when a non-standard and effective decision is necessary for complicated situation disengagement.

A troubleshooter is a person experienced in various areas. He or she is somewhat of a psychologist and coach.

Instead of effectiveness consulting and crisis management breaking your business into pieces and optimizing selected business processes, we offer an all-encompassing decision changing the approach cardinally. The main goal is to ‘turn the tables’ by applying the single decision with minimum of costs.

  • Search of decisions in case of complicated economic situation;

  • Evaluation of current condition, including detection of assumptions, analysis of competitors and SWOT;

  • Drawing up strategy of disengagement and optimization of business processes;

  • Assistance and technical support in implementation of the program.

How does it work?

You articulate your requirements.

And then the troubleshooter correlates them with his experience and clarifies the details;
Collaborative brainstorming

(helps to specify the framework and direction;)

Few days break
for elaboration of the best possible alternatives;
Presentation of all possible steps;

The most accessible variant to be taken
as a basis and detailed plan to be elaborated;

Implementation of changes and calculation.

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