Increasing competitiveness, creating growth prospects,
and growing successful businesses since 2014
Why is that

ompetition leaves no room for
businesses that are not ready to adapt quickly and be unique.

Competitive intelligence is the only way to relevant market data, finance risk mitigation, successful competitive strategies, and positive brand image.

Our services
Your advantage over competitors is our key objective
  • Existing and potential
    competitors identification
  • Competitor activity
    data collection
  • Competitor SWOTs
  • Competitor strategic
    plans research
Business development
level evaluation
  • General market, demand, and opportunity analysis
  • Investment attraction strategy evaluation
  • Cost, product, and marketing strategy benchmarking
  • Business promotion strategy development
and protection
  • Market and competitor activity changes prediction
  • Inside information leakage detection and prevention
  • Partners, clients, and suppliers reliability check
  • Financial risks assessment and brand reputation maintenance
Our methods and policies

We check biographical data, property, connections, conflicts of interests, media clippings only in open-source information, within the law, ethical standards, and rules of fair competition.


Provided by us market analysis, decision-making support during merger and acquisition deals, and cost benchmarking is always focused on your revenue and competitiveness increase.


We believe in relevant competitive intelligence. Thus we always conduct well-timed market segmentation, rapid identification of market opportunities, and consistent research for entering foreign markets.

Why choose us?

Absolutionlab provides businesses with development opportunities using the OSINT techniques, conducts competitive intelligence and due diligence, evaluates financial risks, checks the reputation of the counterparty, creates business connections between companies and human resources.

We work with companies in finance, space technology, defenсe, marketing and media, and with the public sector.

Our mission is your success in the increase of competitiveness, revenue, and positive reputation. It's a win-win solution.

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