Laboratory of
systematic situation analysis
and solution algorithms
Solutions that are
really effective
Ample experience in business
Cooperation with commercial and public sector
Detection and search of foreign assets derived from corruption, fraud, and other types of crimes.
The guarantee
of your problem solution

Faced with aggressive forms of pressure or business threats?
Forms can be different, but most obvious:

  • illegal or hostile takeover;
  • unwanted partnership compulsion, drawing in corruption schemes or illegal actions;
  • "criminal tax" or suffocated administrative fees;
  • corporate fraud or another dangerous situation.

There are no desperate situations or unsolvable problems, there are only ineffective solution techniques.

We know how to solve a difficult situation, when internal resources and knowledge are exhausted, known and traditional schemes don't work.

We specialize in complex, controversial, unclear conflicts and always achieve our goals.

AbsolutionLab actively promote implementation of ideas and offers wide range of services in the field of protecting interests of both business and person.

Are you searching for the way out of the difficult situation?
All that you need is to take some time to outline the problem and the goal you want to achieve.
If you consult us you will be given:
A fresh external vision which is
objective, focused and going beyond the previous attempts;
An appropriate solution:
the fastest, the least expensive and the most effective one with the consideration of your resources and capacity;
An opportunity to solve problems
having arisen beyond the rule of law using the legal methods.
We are aware of the way to help you

Knowing the specifics of business in Ukraine and the CIS, we realise that one idea is often not enough to keep the business and make it more effective.

Therefore, we actively participate in the implementation of this idea in the activities of your company. We provide full business support, including:

Do you want your business to grow even in the conditions of crisis?
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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein